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Why Borderclan?

When John and I started to think of an affix I was planning my first litter – thinking up an affix isn’t that easy – I wanted a name that would have some significance to us as a family as well as to me as a breeder of Border Collies.

We came up with amalgamations of our names and that of our daughter Amy; variations on the names of the dogs we had at the time (Layla, Sasha, Robbie); favourite places, favourite wines – and none of them really rang true – then we tried to add something in front of or behind the word ‘border’ – and that’s where we finally found the inspiration. The Kerr clan were a clan on the borders of Scotland and England – simple, there we had it – John’s family was a border ‘clan’ ! Easy – once you think of it!!

Borderclan was granted as an affix in 1997.

But how about us? Who are we? Where are we?

Well from my point of view it all started a VERY long time ago – on a day when my younger brother was scared by a dog. My parents, being sensible people, decided that to help him get over it, the best thing to do was to get one. And so Fred arrived - he was a collie x poodle, hairy, lovable and about a year old; he rapidly became my brother’s constant companion and lived to a grand old age. From then on dogs were part of my life, my first pedigree dog was a Lhasa Apso, pet name Pema; she was followed some years later by a collie x spaniel and then a Working Sheepdog - my love of the border collie started then – and now 3 generations of Border Collies share our lives; Layla was the first and the foundation of my lines; she got me started in showing, agility, and sheepwork and we even had a hilarious go at Flyball! Sadly she died in May 2007 but her great-granddaughter Lucy is now officially part of the clan and we hope to see her in the show ring towards the end of 2008.

My poor long suffering husband John really got ‘into’ dogs when Layla’s son Scott became his agility dog – and the two are still inseparable. John is often referred to as ‘kennel boy’ as he is the one who stays at home and keeps the dogs happy and content when I am away showing.

My right hand girl, my daughter Amy, has to have a lot of the credit as well for allowing me to go off to shows, and for John and me to go away on holidays (we love to travel) knowing that all of the dogs will be in tip top condition and perfectly happy when we return. Amy is an extremely good photographer and you will see several of her photos on this site – every trip abroad sees us bringing back more Nikon accessories!

Our home, and that of the Borderclan BCs, is a 13th century moated hall house in the Kentish Weald – truly the garden of England. We are surrounded by farmland, fruit farms and sheep. Truly a magical, peaceful and very very special place to live. We are lucky enough to have 13 acres of land on which to exercise the dogs - this land includes the vineyard which we are slowly rescuing from a sea of brambles!

So as you can see Borderclan Border Collies truly are too busy to be bored!

Hilary Kerr.

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