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John and I are, and always have been, very keen travellers.

For many years we have spent two weeks on the wonderful island of Herm, situated just a few miles off the coast of Guernsey, in what Churchill described as ‘our beloved Channel Islands’ – a sentiment we wholly endorse. Herm is a very magical place, a step back from the stress and strain of 21st century life – and well worth a visit.

In 2003 we spent almost a month beginning to explore Australia – visiting Melbourne, Ayers Rock, Cairns, the Barrier Reef and Sydney. A fascinating journey in a fantastic country - one which we intend to continue in the not too distant future. Photographs from that trip will appear here in due course.

During the spring of 2005 we visited, not for the first time, Dubai – but on this trip we made an all too brief visit to the desert resort of Al Maha – the resort is way out in the desert close to the border with Oman – and offers an amazing variety of things to do – or indeed NOT to do! As you will see from the photos Arabian Oryx roam freely around the area. Definitely worth a return trip when we have more time...

In Autumn 2007 John and I returned to Japan – almost 30 years after we lived there. John travels back to the Far East on a regular basis for business but it was the first time I had been back – and what a wonderful trip it was; we discovered parts of the country neither of us had visited before – and intend to go back and see more when time allows. For me one of the highlights was our trip to Hiroshima and the Peace Park there. The atomic bomb was dropped on this city on my mother’s 16th birthday – and it was something she often remembered – as she got older I think there was a feeling that while she celebrated others remembered the date for a very different reason. She is no longer with us and it was for me a very moving moment as I looked at the site of the explosion.

These are just some of the parts of the world we have been lucky enough to see – hopefully there will be many more.

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