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I breed very few litters believing as I do that the reason for breeding is to improve on what I have and to continue my breeding lines. I am a Kennel Club Accredited Breeder.

Take 3 girls... Tribaby I love my brother

My puppies are bred primarily for temperament as I firmly believe that Border Collies should be 100% reliable and trustworthy and giving them a good start by breeding only from dogs of proven good temperament is of paramount importance. All puppies are fully health checked with eye and hearing tests carried out at the Animal Health Trust at 6 weeks of age. This journey to Newmarket has the added bonus of getting them used to car travel from an early age.

Perfect puppy Kate tends her babies An eye open!

All puppies are sold with a contract which the new owners must sign. I do not export puppies and will only lift breeding restrictions if I consider the dog/bitch worthy of being bred from and on sight of all health documentation for the other bitch/dog. My puppies are primarily sold as companions and with no guarantee that they are suitable for the show ring.

Kate looking innocent Cute! Basket Boy

My puppies are my responsibility throughout their lives I chose to bring them into this world and will do all I can to ensure they have a long, happy and fulfilling life. For this reason I vet potential puppy owners very carefully please do not be offended by this as it is as much for the benefit of the pup's new family as for the pup!

See I can still give you a wash! Scott the Pied Piper

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