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Rhino Hunters

aka CATS!
Toby The hunter sleeps...

Why on EARTH does she have a page about rhino hunting?

Well, last year Amy found a very young kitten in the lane to the house we found out where he had come from and he went back there 'til he was big enough! Then he came to live here, acquiring on the way his half sister, a tiny ginger scrap of a kitten!

To cut a long story short Giggs (the grey tabby) and Sophie (the ginger and white tabby) kitten were pretty poorly when they arrived. They were barrier nursed away from our other cats and after 6 weeks of antibiotics were gradually gaining strength but still very tiny; then they had conjunctivitis (twice in Sophie's case) and before we knew it it was almost November and these two little scraps hadn't been outside!

So when they DID go out Amy and I jokingly told them to be careful cos there were big things outside like Rhinos! And from then on, for some inexplicable reason, we have always asked them if they want to go rhino hunting!!

Let the hunt begin! Giggs watches Stalking prey

So far they haven't found one but are I'm sure convinced there's rhinos lurking somewhere !

Has Sophie spotted a rhino? It can't be a rhino up there! On the prowl

All of this had no effect whatsoever on the 2 resident cats they accepted these two new little waifs without question and just carry on as usual Bud, our beautiful black cat and Toby, his Maine Coon friend, just continue their normal pattern of hunting rabbits mainly and ignore any suggestion that there is something as big as a rhino out there!

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