Borderclan Prince Of Tides

Bruce Bruce Bruce
Bruce Bruce Bruce
Bruce Bruce Bruce
Bruce Bruce Bruce

Sh Ch Sheltysham Swagman x Borderclan Field Of Dreams
dob 27.09.2003
Hips 6:10 ~ DNA status: CEA/TNS tested normal
BAER Hearing tested normal

Bruce is dual registered with the Kennel Club and the International Sheep Dog Society

Bruce gained his name as Amy and I were discussing our forthcoming trip to Australia when he was a pup playing around with me doing a Monty Python 'Bruce and Sheila' bit he turned round and stared at me as I said (in my pythonesque fake Aussie accent) 'Bruce' so the name, and the puppy stayed!

Lightly shown at the moment Bruce is a pleasure to live with, a classically marked boy who when running free shows just how a Border Collie should work tirelessly and with minimal lift of feet....

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Watching football Bruce on patrol
Pedigree of Borderclan Prince Of Tides
Parents Grandparents Great Grandparents Great Great-grandparents
Sh Ch Sheltysham Swagman Sh Ch Viber Travelling Matt From Corinlea JW Sh Ch Cluff Of Mobella Kirkfield Kirk
Kirkfield Shell
Sh Ch Sacul Highland Mist From Corinlea Sh Ch Whenway Hope Of Corinlea JW
Mizanne The Tango
Detania Dolly Bird At Sheltysham Sh Ch Lethans Hopeful Flame JW Kirkfield Kirk
Kirkfield Shell
Detania Giglet Sealight Vagabond CDex UDex WDex TDex
Detania Louise
Borderclan Field Of Dreams Blackrobin Highlander Int Sup Ch Spot 161819 Res Int Sup Ch Cap 109820
Res Int Sup Ch Peg 125220
Lethans Twice As Nice Roy 161740
Lethans Kip
Detania Layla's Sapphire Of Borderclan Pondeboys Sonny Sekwef Boomer
Detania Kirsty
Detania Wot Katydid Detania Araz
Detania Kate


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